Supporting the Mission of St. Peter's

Mid Year Pledge Campaign

The mission of St. Peters' is sustained by the regular pledges and gifts from our members. As we come to the mid-year of 2018, we remind you that our budget was passed this year with a projected $41,000 deficit. As we come to the mid-year we are asking for our members to review and pray about how you are called to support the mission of St. Peter's Church. We have launched an additional giving campaign on with a goal of $50,000 for mission and ministry.

Beginning August 1st, we will have 153 days remaining in the year. Dividing our deficit by the number of days and the number of current pledging families, we project that if every pledging family committed to just $5.15 per day (about the cost of an extra large specialty coffee), we would be able to meet our budget.

In order to help St. Peter's meet our goal, we ask for a mid-year pledge commitment to continue our mission and ministry. Pledge forms may be downloaded by clicking here.

The ongoing mission of St. Peter's Church depends on the generosity of our members and friends. Join us as a mission partner by making a secure donation through our site through Tithely. You may direct your donation to a number of funds including your regular pledge. All donations will help our continuing outreach to serve the people in our community.

Donating Securities

Most people do not know they can make a direct donation of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds) to St. Peter's and receive two benefits. First, is the ability to deduct the full value of the securities as a charitable donation if you itemize your taxes. Second, by transferring securities directly to St. Peter's, you do not have to pay capital gains - St. Peter's receives the full amount of your donation.

We have set up a partnership with to assist you in making a donation of securities. Click the button above to make a donation. Contact our treasurer John Francis with any questions you may have.


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