June 16, 2018

A whole week away and I am humbled by the outpouring of support and love shown to the OEC community. The past two weeks have been filled with hard, smelly, emotionally intense work. We've seen love and tears, hopes and fears, and in all the presence of Christ through people - both those who are members of St. Peter's and those we have "adopted" into this quirky family of faith.

The Order of the Holy Cross is an order of Benedictine monks in the Episcopal Church. Their mother house is in West Park, NY on the Hudson River. Their founder Fr. James Otis Sargeant Huntington coined a motto for the brothers:

Love must act
as light must shine
And fire must burn.

Love without action is merely sentimental and has no substance. Love in action is the full realization of God's grace. Our community is seeing grace abound.