June 2, 2018

It's the weekend and you know what that means ... more volunteers and supplies. We had a brief break in the rain in the morning and Councilman Jon Weinstein and Mother Anjel took Deema Zein from PBS Frontline 360 down into the West End for a tour of the impact of this flood on our residents. Beth Woodruff, Gayle Killen and our own Barrington Sweeney all gave great interviews to talk about how this is impacting their lives. Jon gave a great overview of how many artificial 90 degree angles have been put into the Tiber River since the 19th century to attempt to control the waters. It's said that nature abhors a vacuum but it's equally true that nature abhors 90 degree angles too! Keep an eye out for Frontline's 360 to see the story.



Many disaster recovery teams descended on the area today. Southern Baptist Disaster Recovery is well known in the area and have arrived on the scene. Clean up is happening because of great volunteers and neighbors helping neighbors.

All this was happening ... until ... it began to rain again. Gator runs were canceled (again) and St. Peter's stayed open until 8 pm just to make sure evacuation wouldn't be necessary.

A big THANKS to Mission BBQ for feeding our crew at dinner on Saturday. Pulled pork and beef, cole slaw and potato salad were just what our crew and neighbors needed!