Vestry Position Description

All vestry members strive to the best of their abilities to:

  • Have a love of God and demonstrate a commitment to following the transforming way of Christ

  • Have an active daily prayer life and nourish their walk with Christ through the sacramental life of the congregation in regular worship

  • Be active in and knowledgeable about the congregation, its programs and governance

  • Be fair, interact well with people and strive to earn the respect of the members of the congregation

  • Purposefully work to “check one’s ego at the door” and work for the benefit of the parish community in cooperation with the clergy

  • Purposefully work as a servant to God’s people without the need to be the “most important person” in the congregation or the need to be the one with the right answers to everything

  • Have enthusiasm and vitality for this ministry

All vestry members make the following time commitments to the best of their abilities:

  • Vestry meetings, ministry team meetings

  • Annual vestry retreat

  • Completion of the following trainings: Safeguarding God’s People (available online, must be renewed every 5 years), Seeing the Face of God in Each Other – Anti-racism training (2 day program, in person – offered at various times and locations around the diocese)

  • Weekly worship services and special days of devotion (as able). Vestry members commit to show up on time to mass and be present to the whole community for the duration of worship.

  • Congregational events: hospitality hours, meals, fundraisers, adult education programs, etc.

  • Diocesan meetings, as necessary

  • Annual meeting

All vestry members are responsible for:

  • Pledging financial support on the first Sunday of St. Peter’s annual giving campaign

  • Be committed to proportional giving and striving toward the Biblical tithe of 10% as a model for putting God first in one’s life

  • Willingly offering talents to support the congregation’s ministry

  • Assisting the rector and senior warden in identifying called leaders and members into ministries of the Church

  • Welcoming new members to the congregation – shepherding new members at hospitality hour

  • Praying daily for the rector, leaders and members of the congregation

  • Being active ministers of the Gospel in daily life and work

  • Bringing one’s whole self to the table; being present in body mind and spirit

  • Risking openness with one’s ideas, beliefs and desires

  • Accepting responsibility for conducting one’s self in accordance with the Vestry and congregational norms

  • Modeling forgiveness and reconciliation as our shared work in continuing Christ’s acts of love in the community

  • Uphold the Vestry Oath of Office including:

    • Embody my belief in the Christian Religion

    • Embody my acceptance of the doctrine, discipline and worship of the Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America

    • Execute the office of a Vestry member or Warden without prejudice, favor or affection, according to the best of my skill and knowledge.