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Open Position – Organist, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Ellicott City Maryland

St. Peter’s is in search of an organist for 9:45am Sunday masses. Organist must be trained in organ performance, capable of supplying Prelude, Postlude, Offertory pieces and comfortable with Anglican traditional Hymns and Service Music. Must also be capable and willing to play accompaniment for a volunteer choir and work with a part-time Choirmaster. Regular attendance at weekly evening rehearsals is not required, with exception of preparation for Christmas/Easter seasons, as negotiated. Must arrive at 8:45am for Sunday morning rehearsal. There will also be some non-Sunday feast days, as well as weddings and funerals which require an organist. The organist has the first right of refusal for these services.

Candidates are invited to apply for the position as described above OR to apply as both Organist and Choirmaster, if they have a desire to develop and improve the small volunteer St. Peter’s Choir. Remuneration will be adjusted accordingly.

If the applicant chooses the first option of Organist/Accompanist the applicant will be working with a choirmaster who will prepare the choir at Thursday night rehearsals by teaching parts and musicality. On Sunday morning, the organist/accompanist will work together with the choir and the choirmaster to make final adjustments to the music.

The choir as it is currently: 

St. Peter’s Choir is capable of singing 3 and 4 part moderately difficult anthems. Currently, we have 8 singers. Three baritones (one who can sing tenor), Three altos and Two sopranos.   

Inquiries should include a resume and cover letter and be sent to Upon receipt of your resume and cover letter, St. Peter’s Church will be glad to share any other information about the church, organ, etc.